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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Shashi Week: fin*

Believe it or not, I had originally intended that Shashi Week would be, among other things, intellectual encouragement for me to stop taking screen captures and attempt some more verbally and conceptually analytical posts. But I realized as the week went on that having seen "only 40" of his films really didn't feel like enough to try to intelligently tackle ideas like "Shashi Kapoor: before he was a big star" or a comprehensive look at his 70s hero roles or an ethnography of "the good brother," all of which I would like to investigate (someday!). Maybe by this time next year I'll feel more qualified and have more original source material under my belt. And while the pictures are pretty, they're not just for staring - I really am interested in trying to figure out his star appeal, the facets of the icon, the meaning that this person holds in Indian cinema. What I'm trying to say is, I hope people got something out of Shashi Week other than "oooh, pretty!", because as magical as the Shashilicious curls are, that's honestly not the most significant thing I like about him as an actor and figure in film culture.

It is a total delight, but not at all a surprise, that the creative minds of Shashi Pradesh have bounced right up to make Shashi Week a sprawling, fantastic song picturization! Thank you thank you for all your wonderful posts, comments, and tweets! You made Shashi Week a zillion times more fun than it would have been with just me going through my archives. There is so much of dil squish in the universe, alive with Shashi pyaaaaar!

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Shabshash, blogosphere! Shabshash!

Anybody else want this on a t-shirt?

Next up: back to the regularly scheduled programming of writing about individual films. I've got Tashan and my very own brand-new DVD of Manorama 6 Feet Under sitting on top of the tv and have managed to see Waqt, Neend Hamari Khwab Tumhare, and Dharmputra in the last week, so all of thsoe should be coming up soonish. I also have a lot to say about the biography The Kapoors: The First Family of Indian Cinema, but my thoughts aren't going to be properly synthesized for awhile, especially because I'm having a hard time sorting out the writing and book from how pathetic all the male Kapoors seem during their low times.

* But in name only - it's always Shashi Week at Beth Loves Bollywood.

Shashi Week: Shashi +

Another great thing about Shashi Kapoor is what a good co-star he makes. Maybe it's his early background of so much theater work, maybe it's being the baby in a family of egos, maybe it's because he didn't have any energy to waste on on-camera attitude. I've yet to see him hog the screen when it wasn't called for by the script, and he seems to have an easy rapport with everyone in the frame.

All week I've been thinking about doing a jodi post, but I haven't been able to single out anyone who makes an especially notable pair with Shashi. Every time I start to write something about how Hema Malini dishes back every mischievous eye twinkle, I realize Sharmila does too.

And she's brave enough to let him drive!
Neetu Singh can be an earthy foil for his cheesey 70s moments, but Asha Parekh was sassing him in the 60s.

He and Rakhee melt the screen and make me believe their romances, but so do he and his sister-in-law Felicity Kendal.

I like him with everyone, and I like everyone with him. There are certain actors you associate strongly with others - Kajol and Shahrukh, Madhuri and Anil, Nargis and Raj - but I haven't gotten that from Shashi (yet? - readers who have seen more films, is it going to happen?). I've never even read any interviews in which he states who his favorite costars were. I like to think it's because he's versatile enough to be solid, appropriate, and believable with almost anyone.

[Insert needle skidding off the record.]

SCRATCH THAT. Who says the jodi has to be romantic? Shashi does have historic, famous, undeniable chemistry with one particular someone: enter Shashitabh! So beloved it's promoted in the trailer!

So immortal it's commemorated in song!

So strong, so cemented, so powerful it survives shabby outfits, vaudevillian physical threats, romantic and familial rivalries, embittered childhoods, fratricide, helicopters, class and religious differences, blindness, engineering debacles, fire, drunkenness, gigantic sunglasses, bald megalomanic villains, and foam crocodiles!*

The superstar supercharged love of the century!

Shashitabh zindabad!

* Some day I'll analyze Shashitabh more thoughtfully, but today is not that day. I'm too hopped up on Shashiccinos.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Shashi Week: beloved bouncy songs from Apni East India Company and Beth Loves Bollywood

Shweta did a great post on her favorite up Shashi songs, and they were all so fab and needed to be seen one after the other immediately in a celebratory dance break that I made a playlist and added a few of my own. Bounce on, Shashizens!

Shashi Week: our dil goes mmm....

Enough chatter. Zeenat is ready for a Saturday pyaar party.

How you doin'?